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Source: Media Outreach

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 30 November 2020 – As technology becomes increasingly cutting-edge, so too must global health tech ecosystems adapt to capitalize on new opportunities in the field.

That is exactly what social-medical app, Halza, and IEI Integration Corp have in store for the future of healthcare in Taiwan.

On December 3 — 6, Halza will highlight their plans for an integrated health ecosystem, developed in collaboration with IEI, at booth #M232 at the 2020 Taiwan HealthCare Expo.

In anticipation of the advent of 5G technology, Halza and the various subsidiaries of IEI Integration Corp have partnered to develop a network that will simplify both the consumer’s and the medical professional’s healthcare experience.

“5G is offering exciting opportunities to present high definition medical images, including DICOM film, faster and easier on mobile devices. Our partnership with IEI Integration Corp is strategic as their QNAP solutions are supporting this development and will help bring the ecosystem to the next level in the Digital Healthcare market,” said Richard Nijkerk, Halza founder.

Whether at a hospital, a private clinic, or even the gym, health data can be collected, securely stored, and easily accessed by the patient and the medical professionals attending to them through a private cloud.

Patients are empowered with the ability to upload and enter the medical results they choose. In addition to the centralized health management system of Taiwan, users can gain access to a fuller, more comprehensive health overview at their fingertips through the Halza app.

This move will also strengthen Halza’s focus on women’s health, through features like the newly launched IVF and Pregnancy. Women managing their journey to motherhood will be better supported through an efficient sharing of their health information.

Renowned for welcoming medical tourists, Taiwan is also in a unique position for an interconnected health system like this to thrive.

Medical tourists and the clinics they frequent, in particular, stand to benefit from this simultaneous amalgamation and diversification of data sources.

As medical tourists do not have the same access to a convenient, centrally located health organization system as citizens, the collaboration serves to create a comfortable environment and a smoother experience to entice return trips.

Through the joint efforts of Halza and IEI, these patients remain connected to their doctors, no matter where they are. Their information is conveniently managed and securely transmitted. They have access to their records and so do their doctors. Their health is appropriately prioritized.

To find out more about developments regarding the health ecosystem, please approach booth #M232 at the 2020 Taiwan HealthCare Expo this December 3 – 6.

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