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Source: SAFE NZ

New figures from Greyhound Racing New Zealand’s 2020 annual report show the industry still has a problem with greyhound fatalities. The report states that 34 dogs were killed on racetracks, and 165 euthanised for undisclosed reasons during the 2019/20 season.
These damning figures follow reports from Auckland that two dogs were killed and six injured at Manukau Stadium on Sunday. In total, five dogs have been killed on racetracks in the last five weeks.
SAFE Campaigns Manager Marianne Macdonald said even one dog killed on the racetrack is one too many.
“Greyhound racing is inherently dangerous, and it’s an industry that profits from the suffering of animals,” says Macdonald.
“Injuries are common, and the industry’s latest report shows they’re still killing hundreds of dogs every season. It’s appalling.”
Macdonald is encouraging New Zealanders to sign the Greyhound Protection League’s (GPL) petition which is asking Parliament to pass legislation to ban greyhound racing and to require all dogs that have been bred for racing be rehomed and rehabilitated.
GPL spokesperson Aaron Cross said, “Race training teaches these vulnerable dogs to behave in ways that can make them difficult to rehome, and this negative and irresponsible training is costing hundreds of beautiful dogs their lives.”
“Any trust placed in the industry to report the impact on greyhounds is gravely misplaced. With self-regulation, the public has no way of knowing what the real outcomes are.”
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re creating a future that ensures the rights of animals are respected. Our core work empowers society to make kinder choices for ourselves, animals and our planet.
– Smash Burton and Kiwi Boy were both euthanised after suffering injuries in separate races at Manukau Stadium in Auckland on Sunday. Kiwi Boy can be seen falling here at 7 seconds.
– Photos of dogs rescued by the Greyhound Protection League.
– Greyhound racing is legal in only eight countries. Legislation to ban greyhound racing was passed in 2018 in the Australian Capital Territory and Florida, USA.
– Information about greyhound racing in New Zealand.