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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 13 November 2020 – The government has launched the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) for some time, and the amount and conditions have been widened. But some companies still have difficulty in applying for TVP. The TVP scheme is a subsidy scheme set up using government public funds, and certain criteria are also set for approval to ensure that the scheme can be used appropriately. Therefore, from the beginning of the submission of the application documents to the successful receipt of the funding amount, one has to go through different levels which is a waste of time and energy for small and medium-sized enterprises!

There are three major difficulties in the application process:
1. Request a quotation
First, the application company needs to find at least 3 IT Vendor companies. Do not ever think it is easy to ensure that Vendor signs the “Integrity Clause” and the “Anti-Biddering Clause” when requesting quotations. In fact, they may consider that they are pacers without getting business successfully, so they are unwilling to provide quotations when the VENDOR service provider realizes the applicants are applying for TVP.

2. Submit the application form and required information
The government will require the TVP applicant company to provide company documents, such as Invoice, Audit Report, and other related documents. In addition, the government will require applicants to write a detailed report explaining what technological difficulties their company has in its operations, how technology can help their company, and so on.

3. Quality inspection
It is not easy to find a suitable supplier among many IT suppliers. Due to the uneven fees and supplier quality, if the applicant company lacks the expertise in IT, there is a high chance that the finished product will not be as expected and it is a waste of time and effort.

The professional business consultant/corporate consultant team of Co-Wealth Management Consultant Limited has more than 5 years of experience in applying for government funding schemes. It provides professional government funding advisory services for SME funding in Hong Kong. The TVP advisory services cover different types of government funding programs. As of mid-2019, Co-Wealth has assisted more than 300 Hong Kong enterprises and organizations to apply for various government funding funds to help them make good use of government resources and enhance the company’s market competitiveness.

Co-Wealth’s SME Funding consulting services include:
Technology Voucher Program (TVP)
Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD) / BUD Enterprise Support Programme
BUD Fund Mainland Programme
BUD Fund FTA / ASEAN Programme
SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF)
Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme / Retail Sector Subsidy Scheme (ReTAAS)
Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)
Independent Financial Advisor / Purchase of Insurance /Financial Advisory Company
Medical Insurance / Group Medical
Labour Insurance / Purchase of Labour Insurance
Set up Corporate MPF account
IT Services: Website Design, App Development, Open Online Shop

Business consultants/corporate consultants are designed to provide customers with breakthrough strategies. It is conceivable that the process is complicated, so they need to have good problem-solving skills and professional skills. In this era of strategic and technological integration, they work closely with the electronic technology team to provide customers with technology-driven transformation ideas.

In addition, the consultant team is supported by research and analysts. The research department is not only responsible for analyzing data and conducting on-site inspections, but also assisting in the development and testing of hypothetical models and analyzing industry trends. Execution is an important key to business success. Consultants not only create ideas. After all, the industry is very focused on results. They need to help clients continue to improve their performance and bring measurable productivity, cost and quality improvements, which involve business transformation and management execution optimization.

Finally, Co-Wealth’s partners have: 1. In addition to providing customers with online store opening services, i-Maker IT Limited also has other different professional services, such as Distance Business Programme (D-Biz), Technology Voucher Program (TVP), and Technology Voucher Suppliers, (ReTASS) Retail Industry Subsidy Program, BUD Special Fund, SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) and Business Partner Program to help customers build online businesses. i-Maker is also a professional website design and web design company, web production, SEO search engine optimization, digital marketing, APP development, IT services, company registration (opening limited companies, opening unlimited companies), virtual Office, opening company account (commercial account), etc.

2. Flint Ideas Design Printing Limited uniform company, can also help customers provide printed shirts, printed tee, tailor-made windbreakers, tailor-made uniforms, Polo shirts, hoodies, baseball jackets, cardigans, nurse uniforms, aprons, custom-made caps , sportswear, jerseys, tote bags, gifts and other services.

3. Carol Interior Design can provide decoration design, interior design, interior decoration, home decoration, decoration construction, commercial decoration, office/office building cleaning, pest control services, formaldehyde removal, mist disinfection, removal of unauthorized construction and small construction etc.

4. Dr Pest Control Expert, a pest control company, has a professional pest control team that is committed to providing customers with different pest control services. The purpose is to ensure that the environment in which customers live or work is properly protected. Many pest control services include major industrial and commercial institutions, Government departments, restaurants, manufacturers and residences. Dr Pest Control Expert’s pest control service team has received professional training and is familiar with the characteristics of pests, so that they can play the effect of pest control. They have years of practical work experience and professional knowledge in pest control. Maintaining good service quality is an important cornerstone of the pest control company. Pest control services include mosquito control, ant control, cockroach control, rat control, termite control, and bed bug control. In addition, formaldehyde removal service, nano-natural disinfection service (atomization disinfection company) and post-renovation cleaning are also provided.
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