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Source: New Zealand Police (National News)

New Zealand Police today acknowledges the 30-year anniversary of the Aramoana massacre, an event that marked one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

On 13 November 1990 an Aramoana resident took the lives of 13 people and injured several others in the small township north of Port Chalmers, Dunedin.

He was shot and killed by Police the following day.

The incident remained New Zealand’s deadliest mass shooting for 29 years.

“Today we acknowledge the lives lost, and the lives forever changed, following the senseless shooting at Aramoana on this day in 1990,” says New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster.

“On days like today the grief of those who knew those who died is felt as keenly as it was all those years ago.

“There are also many others still living who will be reliving the emotions they felt on that day.

“To the victims’ families and friends, to those who helped and protected neighbours, and to the first responders, including our own staff, who risked their own lives to protect the Aramoana community, we commend your strength and keep you in our thoughts today.”

One of those killed was 41-year-old Sergeant Stewart Graeme Guthrie, who was the sole charge officer at Port Chalmers Police Station and immediately responded on hearing about a firearm being discharged.

He knew the gunman, and he and another officer, Constable Russell Anderson, located him at his home address and set about containing him.

When the gunman retreated to the rear of the property, Sergeant Guthrie challenged him. The gunman fired a series of shots, one of which killed Sergeant Guthrie.

Now Superintendent Jason Guthrie is Sergeant Guthrie’s nephew.

“I always admired and was very proud of the work he did as a Police officer,” says Superintendent Guthrie, National Manager: Professional Conduct for New Zealand Police.

Throughout the ordeal Sergeant Guthrie displayed extreme bravery and courage and he was posthumously awarded the George Cross for conspicuous gallantry.


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