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Source: Media Outreach

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 November 2020 – Uncertainty on Covid-19 affecting sports and entertainment is not stopping REBEL Fighting Championship from targeting a knockout with fight streaming in the palm of your hands.

Asia’s premier fightainment company announced plans to bring its unique brand of physical prowess and larger-than-life grit to mobile platforms everywhere.

As part of this sport tech combination, analytics and disruption expert Elgin Ee joins the mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter to add bite to the all-out expansion.

Already in the works are a China reality show and 10 showpiece events next year with current travel restrictions and social distancing measures proving no obstacle to REBEL’s growth blueprint.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Ee will apply his 15 years of experience in digital technology business and his tremendous know-how in tech user acquisition from Grab to boost Rebel’s fan-base, fan experience and revenue. He has previously successfully launched a variety of new products under IAHGames, Singtel, Grab, obike. Effectively growing customer acquisition to 100m users regionally & increasing top line Revenue of USD$30m.

He spearheaded the spectacular period of growth at Grab from 2014 to 2016 as country head of marketing.

Ee is certainly no stranger to everyday tech and knowing what consumers want as when he was product marketing director at Singtel for close to eight years.

“It is with an eye for spotting the next big thing that Elgin joins REBEL and he has demonstrated first class executive skills in building great marketing teams that focuses on innovative brand building with data technology approach to planning and execution of marketing. This is our first steps together a world class leadership team to ignite the passion for MMA for over 100 million fans by combined our live bouts and reality series will highlight the stories of real-life heroes,” explained CEO Justin Leong.

Fresh from inking a partnership with UK video-on-demand provider Channel Fight, REBEL is flexing its muscles in the world of fitness and fight training.

As Ee sees it, “Behind every duel are countless moments of discipline, focus and picking yourself up.

“Tech can make these modern warriors accessible so that you can live the dream and earn your stripes along with them every minute and every hour.”

With mixed martial arts resilient in the face of the pandemic, there is great potential in seizing this opportunity as more stay at home for work and exercise in what could be described as the new normal or what Leong terms as “extra-normal.”

“Professional athletes and amateurs alike have adjusted to lockdowns and mobile tech has helped us stay connected.

“But every individual’s journey is different so that’s why renowned director Xie Dikui has come onboard to produce reality-based non-stop action,” added Leong.

Ee is looking at gaining up to 3 million social media fans in China next year but the focus remains to build Rebel as a Global brand with the starting place in Asia.

He adds to the slate of recent new hires at REBEL with sponsorship director Vivian Xia at the helm on the back of 16 years at The Nielsen Company, Ophelia Yao as sponsorship manager, formerly of IMG and senior sponsorship manager Wicky Wang signing up from Manchester City owners City Football Group.
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