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ASB’s award winning school financial literacy programme celebrates 10th birthday with digital relaunch, including new augmented reality content

ASB is celebrating ten years of the popular GetWise school programme inspiring Kiwi kids to be confident with money, by taking it to the next level with the launch of a new digital version and expanding its reach.

Since 2010, more than 960,000 students have signed up for GetWise sessions and now ASB is doubling the number of workshops available for students in years five to eight, integrating cutting edge augmented reality content, and offering a brand-new free online learning platform for year seven and eight students.

ASB GetWise is New Zealand’s largest in-school financial literacy programme, designed to complement the national school curriculum and teach practical money-smart skills that students can use to make better financial decisions.

Today, Kowhai Intermediate School students were the first in New Zealand to experience the new ASB GetWise augmented reality content as part of a redesigned facilitated workshop.

ASB chief executive Vittoria Shortt says, “when we started ASB GetWise, our goal was to reach as many students as we could, and to raise the financial literacy level of young Kiwis. Ten years on, we’re looking forward to reaching even more Kiwi kids with fresh new content.

“Every Kiwi kid should be able to learn the basics of money management and making good financial decisions, and I love that ASB can play a role in supporting this.

“Learning good money management skills from a young age helps set kids up for a better financial future, enabling them to reach their goals, whatever they may be. We want them to reap the benefits of good early financial decisions across their lifetime,” says Ms Shortt.

ASB and partner EY have spent the past year supporting the creation of a new, more digitally focused version of the financial literacy programme, which Ms Shortt believes will broaden the appeal and impact of the programme.

“Not only is there augmented reality content, a new online learning portal for Year 7 and 8 students means we will be able to reach students in areas that are more geographically difficult to access.”

Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson heads the Commission for Financial Capability, which produces the Sorted in Schools financial education programme for secondary students.

“ASB’s GetWise programme is a great complement to Sorted in Schools,” says Ms Wrightson. “The earlier children start learning how to make good decisions with money the better equipped they’ll be to reach their life goals, and eventually arrive at retirement in good financial shape.”

At the end of October almost 1,600 schools across New Zealand had participated in GetWise sessions –more than 70% of all New Zealand primary or intermediate schools. Independent,trained facilitators deliver the interactive workshops that are aligned with the national curriculum, and designed in collaboration with education experts. Teachers receive resource packs to help them provide further ongoing financial literacy lessons in the classroom.

Primary and intermediate schools can sign up to the ASB GetWise financial literacy programme by visiting, calling 0508 GETWISE or by emailing

For more information please visit

GetWise 01 – Students at Kowhai Intermediate School try out the new ASB GetWise digital session.

GetWise 02 – Students at Kowhai Intermediate School trying out the new ASB GetWise digital session with ASB executive general manager Digital, Data and Brand Simon Tong (left) and Kowhai Intermediate School Principal Louise Broad (right).

Additional comments from Kowhai Intermediate School Principal Louise Broad:

“Today we don’t just speak of literacy in terms of reading and writing. There are other literacies that matter; mathematics, digital literacy and financial literacy, and we pay careful attention to all of these literacies for our students, because we want to produce richly articulate young people who can connect with others and with new ideas. We have been part of GetWise since 2011 and we see the GetWise programme as a tool to enable us to support the vision of the New Zealand curriculum and further develop our financial literacy.”

ASB GetWise in numbers

More than 960,000 students have registered for ASB GetWise sessions
1,581 schools in total visited (10 years to October 2020), 1,417 of which are primary or intermediate
This represents 62 per cent of all schools and 73 per cent of primary and intermediate schools
ASB has a more than 100 year legacy in helping kids learn about money, offering penny bank accounts since 1875, school banking since 1927, GetWise since 2010, and its digital money box Clever Kash since 2015

GetWise Digital

The new ASB GetWise digital programme includes:

An augmented reality (AR) facilitated workshop for Year 7 and 8 students with an AR comic book to bring spending decisions to life in a 3D sci-fi setting.
An online learning portal (available for all students – anywhere, anytime) with eight spy mission modules. It has gamified elements to reinforce the underlying learning objectives and a built-in student evaluation for teachers to monitor students’ progress and performance.

About ASB GetWise

ASB GetWise was launched in 2010 and is New Zealand’s largest youth financial literacy programme.

A long‐term multi‐million dollar commitment by ASB, the programme aims to help raise the financial literacy of New Zealand school children by delivering free workshops to primary and intermediate students, focused on teaching basic money management and savings skills at an early age.

Facilitators are based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, with annual ‘roadshows’ taking ASB GetWise further afield, visiting schools throughout the country.