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Source: Privacy Commissioner

Each year, our office creates a Privacy Week quiz for workplaces. Please try the Privacy Week 2020 quiz with your friends and colleagues. 

  1. Who were the two Boston lawyers, who would later become US Supreme Court Justices wrote an article entitled The Right to Privacy in 1890, partly in response to the invention of “instantaneous photography”?

  2. What annual visitor to Otago finds itself under constant surveillance during its time onshore?

  3. Following on from 2019’s The Great Hack, what 2020 Netflix documentary explores the ‘dangerous human impact of social networking’?

  4. Which country has the heaviest CCTV surveillance in the world?

  5. What was the title of a 1998 surveillance themed movie starring Will Smith?

  6. What’s the name of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s privacy breach reporting tool?

  7. There’s a new principle 12 in the Privacy Act. What’s it about?

  8. What is one big change in the Privacy Act 2020 that every organisation or business should be aware of?

  9. What is the tag line of the Privacy Commissioner’s awareness campaign?

  10. Approximately how many New Zealanders have downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app to date?

  11. What privacy-loving marsupial has been credited with being accidental heroes for saving the lives of other Australian animals in the devastating bushfires last summer?

  12. What is the name of the contact tracing solution promoted by the entrepreneur Sam Morgan?

  13. Can a business use the information in its Covid-19 contact tracing register to add to its mailing list?

  14. What’s the maximum fine that a business or organisation can face for the new criminal offences introduced in the Privacy Act 2020?

  15. The Privacy Act 2020 contains more, fewer, or the same number of privacy principles than the 1993 Act?