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Source: Companies Office – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Introducing the ‘Online services’ menu

What’s changed

As part of these improvements, we:

  • introduced the ‘Online services’ menu, and
  • renamed the ‘Manage and maintain’ menu to ‘Maintaining a company’, as this is a clearer description of the options available in this menu.

What these changes mean

The new ‘Online services’ menu is designed to help you access our full suite of services in one place and sits between ‘Maintaining a company’ and our ‘Help centre’.

It helps you access services that are not frequently used, and are not prominently featured in the ‘Registering a company’ and ‘Maintaining a company’ menus. For example, you may have a director consent to upload, and have trouble locating the right service to use. This service is easily accessible in the ‘Online services’ menu.

The ‘Online services’ menu structure replicates a company lifecycle. Tasks related to incorporating or registering a new company are near the top, followed by filing annual returns, keeping details up to date and so on.

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