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Source: Taxpayers Union


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has released its ‘Ko Ō Tika, ko Tō Reo/ Your Rights, Your Voice’ report urging the new Government to implement all its alleged promises relating to human rights. The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union immediately slammed it as a 12-page taxpayer funded left-wing wish list.Union Analyst Neil Miller said: “The HRC needs to focus on the ‘human rights’ part of their organisation’s name. Their recommendations meander into areas well outside their ambit, often with expensive and impractical implications.”“Recommending ‘government contracts have job targets for Māori, women, disabled people, 55+, vulnerable youth, Pacific Peoples and ethnic minorities’ is far beyond their brief and would, ironically, lead to human rights complaints from people who do not fit into that grab bag of identities and miss out on a job they were ideally suited for.”“It is easy for the Commission to say ‘make the minimum wage a living wage’ because a) they are taxpayer funded, and b) no one in that organisation will be on near the minimum wage or the living wage – whatever that is this week. What it would do in the real world is cost thousands of jobs, often in the exact same groups identified for government job targets.”“The Human Rights Commission has no role demanding an extra public holiday to ‘commemorate the New Zealand Wars’. The Commission cannot even bring itself to describe people in prison as prisoners. Instead, they are ‘people who are deprived of their liberty’. This is trendy lefty nonsense on stilts, and taxpayers are paying millions for it.”“Not content with piling more costs on struggling businesses, the HRC wants to beef up the already bloated bureaucracy. They want a new Ministry of Ethnic Communities, and, surprise surprise, two more Human Rights Commissioners (a Commissioner for Older People and an Indigenous Rights Commissioner).”“The new Government should not accept all the recommendations in this hand-wringing, dripping wet report. If we go that woke, the country will go broke.”