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TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 22 October 2020 – Recently, the eye makeup brand WOSADO BEAUTÉ created by Gianna Zhou, a former Silicon Valley engineer, was officially launched online for the Asia-Pacific market. The core product, WOSADO soft magnetic eyelashes, is based on a professional soft magnetic material solution. It allows customers to easily attach eyelash extensions to your upper and lower lashes in only a few minutes. The process is much faster and easier compared to gluing eyelashes on yourself or applying extensions at a salon. With this solution, customers won’t have to worry about your short or un-curved lashes. It will save time and help avoid working with glue as well. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions which are difficult to apply, clean, and can be harmful to eyes, this product can be easily worn and removed anytime and anywhere, allowing modern women to display their blossoming beauty with a natural appearance in busy urban life and social scenes.

“When I lived and worked in Silicon Valley, my work required different makeup and status in different situations. Eye makeup was often the most time consuming and painstaking part of my routine.” Gianna said. After hearing her distress, her close friend Kathleen Ma showed her new design proposal for an eye makeup product. “We agreed to work together to find the most innovative products to achieve the effects we wanted.”

From there, Gianna and Kathleen studied various materials and technologies and also visited Tetsu Nakasuka, a magnetic materials expert in Japan for cooperation on R&D. In addition, they traveled back and forth between China and the United States to seek out product designs and solutions. After two years, they finally completed the product development and testing, and have successfully won a number of international patents for product invention. WOSADO was founded – an eye makeup brand to serve women worldwide.

According to Gianna Zhou, who was inspired to name the brand, the idea of WOSADO comes from Japanese which means flowers blooming in the courtyard. Its Chinese name is Yue Tong. Both names represent the vision of the WOSADO founders that they hope every woman’s eyes, the windows to their soul, are as bright as flowers, relaxed and beautiful.

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