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Source: Auckland Council

A new customer contact management system will allow Auckland Council to provide a faster, more efficient service for Aucklanders.

The new software iConnect replaced the existing Genesys and Verint software this week.  

Executive Programmes Director Ian Maxwell said it’s been a big undertaking – but a necessary one.

“The previous platform is no longer supported so we needed to source a new supplier,” he said.

“Although there will be no visible impact for Aucklanders as this is a ‘like for like’ delivery, the benefits for the organisation are significant.

“Improved service delivery for our customers is always top of our list, and we can now provide a faster and more effective customer experience with every interaction. The automation and smart technology means it will continue to get better with time, as the system gathers data and learns more about our customers’ requirements.”

Teams in the council’s contact centres are completing their training and are excited to have the old platform replaced.

“It’s been a real delight during training sessions to see our people so enthusiastic when they learn what a big move forward we’ve taken,” iConnect Business Owner Dave Riches said.

“The fact that customers will be directed to the right person automatically, can enter information while they’re waiting which the system remembers and can request call backs means that we’re more knowledgeable ahead of time resulting in a better overall experience.

“It will make us faster and more effective and our teams can see it’s going to be a game-changer for us.”

About iConnect

  • We’re trialling having our customers enter information into the system while waiting in the telephone queue, for example they can enter their infringement notice or consent number in advance, meaning our agents will have this ready when the call is presented and can go directly to the relevant information in the system
  • Calls and emails are handled in the right order and by the right person. This will provide a faster and more efficient service, allowing calls from our contractors to bypass our standard customer messages, or those urgent calls about stormwater and dog attacks for example, to get priority treatment.
  • It’s a smart system with artificial intelligence and machine learning to support our wide range of customers and diverse communities.
  • The new vendor, NICE InContact is a best in class platform according to industry research Gartner and Forrester.