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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Safe Travel

Hurricane Delta, a category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall on the northern Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico this evening (6th October local time).  A hurricane warning is in force for Cancun, Playa del Carmen and surrounding areas, including nearby islands such as Cozumel.


Hurricane Delta is then currently predicted to make landfall as a category 3 storm in the United States somewhere between the borders of Texas and Louisiana to the border of Alabama and Florida around Friday 9th October (local time).


We advise New Zealanders in these areas to follow the advice of the local authorities at all times (including any evacuation orders) and seek suitable shelter. Visitors and tourists staying in travel accommodation should follow the guidance of hotel/resort management. It is considered sensible practice not to venture outdoors during a hurricane and remain well away from the sea and rivers.  We recommend you stay informed of developments by monitoring local news and weather reports.


Please also ensure you keep your family and friends in New Zealand informed of your safety and well-being, including after the hurricane has passed.


If you require consular assistance in Mexico, please contact the New Zealand Embassy in Mexico City on +52 55 5413 0654.


If you require consular assistance in the United States, please contact the New Zealand Embassy in Washington on +1 202 328 4800


For urgent consular assistance after-hours please contact +64 99 20 20 20 (monitored 24 hours a day).

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