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Source: Horticulture New Zealand

A set of short videos has been put together by Horticulture New Zealand and the horticulture industry to show how the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme benefits the Pacific and New Zealand.
‘Many people have misconceptions about the RSE scheme,’ says HortNZ Deputy Chief Executive, Leanne Stewart.
‘That’s why one of our staff members, Amy Miller, decided to put together these videos, to explain the tight management of the government-endorsed scheme, and highlight how the scheme benefits the Pacific and New Zealand.
‘Since it started in 2007, the RSE scheme has got thousands of New Zealanders into permanent work as the horticulture industry has expanded, thanks to the availability of seasonal labour from the Pacific.
‘At the same time, the RSE scheme has benefited thousands of people in the Pacific by providing them with money and skills, to set up small businesses as well as build storm proof houses and community buildings.’
RSE employers must do everything they can to get New Zealanders into work, at the same time as they employ people from the Pacific.
‘This aspect of the scheme is not well-known,’ says Leanne. ‘The stories of New Zealanders who have found work in horticulture through the RSE scheme are very uplifting. They show the horticulture industry’s commitment to providing work and careers for New Zealanders. At the same time, the scheme provides people from the Pacific with the chance to learn new skills and earn money, so they can build a better life for themselves and their families back home.’
The first videos – the RSE scheme’s positive impact in New Zealand; and How the RSE scheme works – are available here.
The remaining two videos will be released over the next two weeks.