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ECE Micro-Credential pilot cohorts in ‘Multiculturalism’ (Level 5, 30crs, 15 weeks) scheduled for online delivery by Tertiary NZ Ltd.
The Multiculturalism micro-credential is one in a series of ten NZQA approved micro-credentials aimed at continuous improvement and innovation utilising the unique character of ECE communities. Multiculturalism is critical towards strengthening teaching practice and improving learning and development outcomes for all children in early learning settings.
The NZ Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector is currently in a development phase aligned with the Ministry of Education ‘Early learning Action Plan 2019-2029’; in particular, the delivery of the ‘New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 4)’; catering for, unqualified ECE teachers to meet minimum workforce requirements.
In parallel to sector workforce requirements for unqualified staff Tertiary NZ’s ‘Unique ECE Community Fingerprint’ micro-credential series at Levels 5-6 (starting with ‘Multiculturalism’) caters for continuous innovation and improvement for ECE teaching practitioners seeking to further refine and explore best practice for teaching, learning and assessment through project-based research in early learning settings.
Multiculturalism Micro-Credential Delivery
Pilot delivery of the NZQA approved ‘Multiculturalism’ (Level 5, 30crs, 15 weeks, online) micro- credential is proposed for November 2020, pending student numbers. With an inaugural research publication ‘Volume 1 – Unique ECE Community Fingerprint – Multiculturalism’ to be released at the conclusion of the Multiculturalism cohort. The Multiculturalism micro-credential will summarily engage ECE practitioners in the following topics:
– The changing cultural landscape in NZ ECE
– In centre engagement with multicultural children, parents and family
– Multicultural ESOL/International ECE frameworks
– Multicultural teaching and learning practices
– The unique ‘in centre’ international community
– Multiculturalism and Te Whāriki
– Multicultural assessment and learning stories
– Project design elements for multiculturalism in ECE
– Innovations in ECE for ESOL/International teaching and learning
– MOE and ERO case studies informing multicultural practices for ECE
– Considerations of multiculturalism innovations for application within early learning settings
TNZ is working with specialist practitioners within the ECE sector towards tutorial delivery and support for teachers enrolling. ECE teacher training in multiculturalism is a significant need for the sector, as noted by stakeholder Kay Chao (ECE Management Ltd); who notes:
‘The technology and information era is bringing everyone closer and New Zealand is also becoming a global village, meaning that our nation will only become more and more diverse and multiculturalism is going to be the trend in future discussions, multiculturalism is inevitable and exploring this topic early would allow us to collaborate and create more opportunities.’
The Multiculturalism micro-credential promotes the following opportunities for the ECE sector:
(i) Developing and formally recognising practitioner innovations and improvements through the award of NZQA approved micro-credentials
(ii) Educational staircasing for ECE practitioners into higher learning opportunities utilising project-based research portfolios
(iii) Project-based research aligned with and contributing to the specific needs of each practitioners early learning setting (their unique ECE community fingerprint)
(iv) Contributing to sector best practice via research publication at the conclusion of each cohort
Unique ECE Community Fingerprint – NZQA Approved Micro-credentials
In 2019 Tertiary NZ Ltd (TNZ) Managing Director Andrea Potts (BTchg) engaged sector consultation identifying 10 ECE skills packages, these skills packages were developed into the ‘Unique ECE Community Fingerprint’ micro-credential series at Levels 5 and 6. These ECE micro-credentials are NZQA approved, listed below:
– Innovation and Improvement – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Multiculturalism – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Mana Māori – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Mana Pasifika – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Centre Management – Level 6, 30 Credits
– Relationships – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Capturing Learning – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Teacher standards – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Diverse needs – Level 5, 30 Credits
– Internal Evaluation – Level 5, 30 Credits
The ‘Unique ECE Community Fingerprint’ micro-credential series features current theory and innovations into teaching and learning practices for Early Childhood Education. Providing, an opportunity for NZ ECE practitioners to innovate and improve teaching, learning and assessment through project-based research tailored to their ECE service and community (their unique ECE community fingerprint).
Delivery Details
The micro-credential series are at Levels 5 and 6, 30 credits each, 15 weeks in duration, delivered predominantly online culminating in a symposium where practitioners present their project-based research portfolios for inclusion in the TNZ research publication at the conclusion of each micro- credential delivery. The online Learning Management System (LMS) intended for online delivery is the ‘iqualify’ LMS provided through the Open Polytechnic.
Higher Learning Pathways
Graduates will be awarded an NZQA approved micro-credential; towards, their research portfolio for use in higher study. TNZ will broker micro-credential graduates for credit transfer into Level 6-8 studies across the University and Polytechnic network in NZ.
ECE Sector Consultation at Levels 6-8
TNZ is currently engaging the ECE sector regarding current, evolving and specific ECE training needs at Levels 6-8 and invites stakeholder feedback.