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Source: Auckland Council

Waitākere Ranges Local Board has allocated a $10,000 grant towards the purchase of a diesel generator for Piha Surf Lifesaving Club.

The decision was made during the September Business Meeting and will mean that the board funds approximately one-third of the total cost of the generator, which will cost $29,000.

Board Chair Greg Presland says that the grant will go some way towards helping Piha become a more resilient area.

“The ruggedness of the west coast, while beautiful, is also precarious – especially with the onset of more extreme weather events because of climate change that we have already started to see.

“Its remote location also provides a challenge to the power supply, with cabling having to travel through bush that is vulnerable when hit by storms and other weather events. This leads to many power cuts.

“With Piha 40 minutes from the nearest hospital, the club first-aid room is vital for patients in need of medical care and attention before they can be transported to hospital.

“It’s literally lifesaving and needs to be able to operate in all conditions. To do that, having a backup power supply is a crucial component of its ability to be able to function and care for the more than 250,000 visitors the beach gets each summer alone.

“As a board, we have been working on a resilience plan with the Piha community and local groups – including the surf club – for some time. And this request aligns with the board’s plans to help the area become more resilient.”

The club will now look to use a combination of existing funds and fundraising to raise the remainder of the money required to purchase the generator.

Other funding

The board allocated a total of $22,700 in funding to organisations including Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust, Matuku Reserve Trust, Sport Waitakere Trust, Friends of Whatipu, and others.

It also allocated $7,500 to organisations along with other boards in multi-board funding.

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