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Source: Environmental Protection Authority

The plan changes are interim measures proposed by the ORC to improve water quality in the Otago region, while the council works on a new land and water regional plan. The new plan is expected to be in operation towards the end of 2025.

Following a consultation period in July and August, we have now published the submissions received, along with an analysis report, and a spreadsheet detailing the points raised in the submissions.

This information is made available to inform further submissions, which are now being taken. Interested parties have 10 working days to support or oppose any of the initial submissions.

We must receive your submission no later than 5.00 pm on Friday 2 October 2020.

Once the further submission period has ended, we will collate all the information for the Environment Court, which is the decision maker. If you have indicated you would like to speak to your submission, the Environment Court will contact you closer to the time.

Find out more about the Otago Regional Council’s proposed plan changes 


In April, the Minister for the Environment “called in”, or issued a direction, to refer the proposed plan changes to the Environment Court for decision.

The EPA’s role in this process is to publicly notify the plan changes so people can make submissions. Following the second notification for further submissions, we will pass on ORC’s proposed plan changes and the submissions to the Environment Court at the end of October. We are not involved in the Environment Court hearing.