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Source: Auckland Council

Henderson-Massey Local Board will request Auckland Council amend legacy council resolutions, paving the way for the Te Atatū Marae Coalition Trust to be given future tenure to develop a marae at Harbourview-Orangihina Park in Te Atatū Peninsula. 

The board unanimously agreed to request that Auckland Council amend previous Waitākere City Council decisions that are now out of date in order to be able to allow the establishment of a trust, and ask the council to support the board’s aspiration to grant a long-term lease to enable the development of a marae.

More than 30 years

For more than 30 years the Māori Community in West Auckland has worked to establish a marae in the area, which for a variety of reasons has been unsuccessful.

The land is currently zoned as Māori Purpose, allowing for the establishment of a marae on the land.

The Te Atatū Marae Coalition Trust has now informed the council that it would like to pursue a long-term lease of the park with an aspiration to be held as a Māori reservation, which in turn would allow for the development of a marae on the land.

Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair, Chris Carter says that the time is right for a marae to come to fruition, but that there is still a long road ahead.

Another step

“In many ways, this is another step on the final course for the establishment of a marae in Harbourview-Orangihina park,” he says.

“While reaching this point has taken a long time, for the past four terms Henderson-Massey Local Board has supported this process. We all want to see this happen.

“Asking the council’s Governing Body to amend old Waitākere City Council resolutions and help the Te Atatū Marae Coalition Trust get to the next stage is a small but important part in this process to be able to access a long-term lease for the land and accelerate their plans.

“As a board, we will continue to support them in this process wherever possible.”