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Featuring a world-class driving track tucked away in the mountains of Chiba
HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 15 September 2020 – Cornes & Company Ltd. started construction on THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB this past spring in Minamiboso, which is in Chiba Prefecture. In creating the club, which is scheduled to open late 2022, Cornes envisions a truly unique driving club, road course, and destination that will offer experiences unattainable at other racing circuits. Located 60 minutes from the Tokyo metro area, Tokyo International Airport, and Narita International Airport, the exclusive driving club allows members to enjoy an unparalleled driving experience and spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay. In addition to its distinctive 3.5-kilometer driving course, The Magarigawa Club features a stylish restaurant, bar and lounge, fitness center, hot spring baths, spa facilities, a family lounge for members with small children, and many other facilities and amenities. Complete with an outdoor play area, dog run, and hiking trails, the club offers recreational options for everyone–not just car enthusiasts. The first round of applications for membership are sold out.

Asia’s first private driving club “THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB” scheduled to open late 2022 in Tokyo Area, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture

There are more than a few racing circuits in the world today, and some of them are legendary. There are corners that any motorsports enthusiast is familiar with and tracks that are known for the drivers who conquered their competition there. These spots and places gain iconic status, becoming destinations for those passionate about motor racing. Aiming to put THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB on the map, too, Cornes wants to turn it into an iconic destination by creating an exceptional, world-class driving club. The idea behind the project is to build a truly unique driving club, road course, and destination that will offer experiences unattainable at other racing circuits.

The name and logomark of the club are based on the kanji “巛(magarigawa)”, an ideogram that helps illustrate the topography and natural features of the club’s location. Cornes hopes that MAGARIGAWA’s members will be able to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful natural landscape, take in the breathtaking scenery, and enjoy the unusual pace at the club, allowing them to become one with nature and have experiences that they won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Road course
The driving course was designed by the world renown team at Tilke Engineers & Architects. It is the first course in Japan that the team has designed from scratch and features a maximum ascent of 20%, maximum descent of 16%, and an 800-meter long straight, making it a track like no other in the world. It is challenging but also designed for safety, letting drivers focus on the driving experience. Members can use their own automobiles on the course, store them on site, and get maintenance checks before and after driving. They can take one-on-one lessons with professional racing drivers and explore the potential of their favorite cars in a safe manner. The climate-controlled pit building can accommodate up to 36 vehicles and gives members access to refueling stations, pre- and post-inspections by on-site mechanics, and other services and facilities that help ensure a satisfying driving experience.

Other Major Facilities
The design of the clubhouse combines elements from both traditional Japanese and contemporary architecture. Inside the clubhouse, members will find a bar, where they can enjoy a drink with friends, a restaurant, where they can appreciate fine dining and views of the circuit, and a family lounge, where their children are welcome to play to their hearts’ content. There is also a fitness center, 25m swimming pool, spa facilities, and natural hot spring baths for downtime and deep relaxation. Outside the clubhouse, there is a playground, dog run, and hiking trails suitable for nature walks and picnics in the local mountains and other open-air activities.

Owner’s paddocks and long-term garage
Each owner’s paddock provides private indoor parking for up to 4 automobiles and features a spacious floorplan that includes a dining area, living room, and terrace. There is also a long-term car storage facility on site. It is highly secure and humidity- and temperature-controlled, making it a suitable environment for storing members’ most prized automobiles. On-site auto mechanics and technicians keep members’ vehicles in top condition for driving.

“Magarigawa will be home for car lovers. A sanctuary where members will be able to enjoy and share their passion with friends and family.” said Kenzo Watari, CEO, Cornes Group.”It will be the answer to the perennial question — where do you drive an 800 horsepower supercar?”  
“When I first heard about the idea of creating a private driving course in Tokyo, I got immediately excited to get involved in this project” said Dr. Carsten Tilke, Managing Director, Tilke Engineers & Architects. “The extremely hilly topography offers an astonishing basis for the track and makes the layout absolutely unique in the world. Although we have designed and realized over 80 racetracks worldwide including 19 Formula One circuits, this project was very special to us and we are proud to be part of it.

Drivers will enjoy mid-speed, technical sections as well as two high-speed straights of the 3.5 km track, which incorporates highest safety and environmental standards. It will be ideal for all kind of driver skills. As a car enthusiast and racing driver myself, I can’t wait to drive my first laps at this amazing unique track.”
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