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Source: Media Outreach

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 14 September 2020 – Evolution Wellness, Asia’s leading health club operator whose portfolio of brands also includes Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First, today announced the launch of a competitive licensing programme for its premium boutique gym brand, FIRE Fitness. Established in Malaysia in 2015 by several fitness industry veterans — husband and wife duo Dave Nuku and Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, and Rich Hutson — FIRE Fitness enjoys a leadership position in the premium boutique segment in Malaysia, delivering some of the most popular boutique fitness class experiences1 in the market today. There are currently four FIRE Fitness clubs — or Firestations — in Malaysia, delivering virtual and physical proprietary classes such as BARRE, FORCE, RIDE, STRIDE, and STRIKE.

“FIRE Fitness’s Signature programmes are designed to deliver engaging and uplifting results-driven fitness experiences in an intimate boutique environment. From the consistently full classes and bookings on the waitlist in the early days of the brand until this very day, it’s clear that we have a winning formula — from innovative programme design and studio concepts, to the inspiring FIRE trainers and the tight-knit community of fans we have managed to grow over the years,” said FIRE Fitness co-founder Dave Nuku.

FIRE Fitness’s Signature programmes are time-efficient and geared towards delivering results while transcending various exercise modalities; 80% of Signature classes comprise fusion classes which not only challenge the body in new ways, but also keeps fans motivated with variety. For example, STRIDE combines treadmill running, weight training, and body weight movement, while in a STRIKE programme, treadmill work is replaced by boxing moves. RIDE Yoga, on the other hand, combines thirty minutes of high intensity sprints, followed by a power yoga segment which presents participants with the thrill of HIIT cycling and the calmness of yoga.

“This year, we embarked on our online offering of Signature programmes, and were pleased to be able to attract a diverse global audience within the first month — we saw people from as far away as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, India, Mexico, and the UK tuning in. This shows just how strongly the FIRE programmes resonate around the world, which gives us tremendous confidence as we launch our licensing programme,” he continued.

“The FIRE Fitness licensing programme is truly unique with our entry-level yet high-quality FIRE-branded HIIT studio ‘FIRE Revolution’ delivering a capex-light concept, which is highly accessible to fitness entrepreneurs, while at the premium end of the spectrum, investors in a FIRE license also have the option to open one or more proprietary studio concepts under the same roof. For example, our downtown Kuala Lumpur club is a three-studio outlet, delivering FORCE, STRIKE, and BARRE programmes at the one location,” said Simon Flint, CEO, Evolution Wellness.

“Licensees will benefit from the expertise and industry know-how of Asia’s leading health club operator, and receive on-going support in the form of marketing materials and workout content, among others. The FIRE Signature class innovation pipeline is strong, and we are committed to continuing to deliver new fitness experiences to the market, and with the look and feel of the brand being every bit as exciting as the classes delivered on a daily basis, we can’t wait to see how the global fitness market responds to this great opportunity,” Flint concluded.

For more information about FIRE Fitness licensing opportunities, please contact Evolution Wellness Director for Growth & Innovation Nad Myan ( or visit  

Notes to the editor:
1.       FIRE Fitness has received more than 5,000 ratings on ClassPass to date, with fans giving the classes an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.
2.       Download more images of FIRE Fitness here.

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