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Source: Taxpayers Union

14 SEPTEMBER 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is labeling the National Party’s policy to rejig school zoning rules as ‘timid’ and a lost opportunity to remove a fundamentally unfair policy that distorts Auckland’s housing market.Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams said: “It is astonishing the value the same house attracts in Auckland depending on the school zone. It demonstrates how where your parents can afford to live determines how good a school you can go to. It’s a massive regulatory tax on kids trying to get ahead.”“This postcode lottery is a disgrace.  National could have ensured the best and brightest go to the best schools – and no one is forced to go to the duds – by scrapping school zoning.  Instead it is bending to the Remuera housewives and wealthy property owners at the expense of kids in poorer suburbs.”“School zoning ensures our schools are run like a command economy.  As much as it is wrong, at least it is consistent with Labour’s ideology. National don’t have that excuse.”