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Source: Taxpayers Union

7 SEPTEMBER 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPolice leadership are making fools of themselves by claiming that there has “never been a buffer” for speed ticketing despite previous media statements issued by the Police that confirm its existence.Over the weekend, national road policing manager Acting Superintendent Gini Welch and Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing Sandra Venables were in the media denying there had been any policy change, and saying there had never been a buffer. Stuff put together a list of recent occurrences of Police referring to the threshold.“The Police’s position is untenable,” says Jordan Williams, the Taxpayers’ Union motoring spokesman.  “Previous summers have seen the Police talk about ‘reduced’ thresholds, but now that it’s gone the Police are denying a change in policy.”“This sort of dishonest spin is what we’d expect to see from dishonest politicians, not the agency expected to uphold the law.  Police do themselves no favours by letting spin get in the way of accuracy.  They should clear up the situation by either confirming that no change has occurred – that the public should not expect a fine for going a few kilometres over the limit – or admit to a change in policy.”“The Police’s code of conduct requires all Police staff to be honest. Based on what is in the public domain, that does not appear to be occurring here.”