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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the decision of Kiwirail to host Winston Peters and his NZ First lackeys at its Dunedin workshops as part of the Party’s election campaign tour.

Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “In the same way as it was totally inappropriate for the Labour Party to film an ad inside the Ministry of Health, it is wrong for Winston Peters to abuse his office and use a State Owned Enterprise for a campaign photo-op.”

“Kiwirail is meant to be owned by taxpayers, not the New Zealand First Party. It speaks volumes of Kiwirail bosses’ professional judgement, or lack of, to allow this event to occur.  It looks a lot like payback for the corporate welfare cheques this government has handed Kiwirail.”

“While we will be writing to Kiwirail for a please explain, the sad reality is that unlike the state sector, SOEs do not have a duty of political neutrality.  When the legislative framework was being developed a formal requirement was deemed unnecessary because the companies are required to operate commercially.  But Kiwirail is no longer commercial – surviving on buttering up gullible politicians with promised ‘turn around plans’ and similar.  Even its freight operation relies on massive government handouts every few years, and sadly this is now reflected in its PR strategy.”