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A new trans-Tasman sex survey asked Australians and New Zealanders about their sexuality – with surprising results.
New Zealand women from Generation Z are more likely than any other generation to be bisexual, at a whopping 27%. Over one in four Gen Z women identified as bisexual in the survey and only 61% identified as heterosexual. This was the lowest of all generations and genders. In Australia 8% of Gen Z women identified as bisexual with 78% identifying as heterosexual.
Australian men from Gen Y and Gen X are more likely to be homosexual – with 6% of Gen Y Australian men say they’re bisexual, and 8% of Generation X.
Of the 2500 respondents, 87% of Australians said they’re heterosexual and 84% of New Zealanders said they’re heterosexual.
Overall, 7% of New Zealanders and 5% of Australians said they’re bisexual. Australian men are more likely to be homosexual than New Zealand men based on the survey. 5% of Australian men surveyed are homosexual, compared with 3% of New Zealand men. 2% of New Zealand women surveyed are lesbian, compared with 1% of Australian women. 1% of New Zealanders and Australians surveyed are Asexual.
Australian women and baby boomer men are more likely to be heterosexual, with 94% of men and 94% of women identifying as heterosexual.
As the generations get younger, the likelihood of identifying as heterosexual decreases.
93% of the silent generation is heterosexual.
93% of baby boomers are heterosexual.
86% of Gen X are heterosexual.
83% of Gen Y are heterosexual.
75% of Gen Z are heterosexual.
With this trend, bisexuality is the second most common sexual orientation (second to heterosexuality), followed by homosexuality, lesbian, heteroflexible, Asexual, Pansexual and Queer.
New Zealanders are more likely than Australians to have had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender. 17% of New Zealanders have, 15% of Australians. They are more likely to be New Zealand women (18%), compared with 14% of Australian women. 16% of New Zealand men have, and 15% of Australian men surveyed have. They’re most likely to be Gen Y (19%). With 20% of Gen Y women have and 17% of Gen Y men.
Least likely to have had a same gender sexual experience are the silent generation (9%) but of those most are men (13%) women make up only 4%. One in ten baby boomers have had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender.
Adulttoymegastore commissioned UMR to carry out this 2020 sex survey. UMR offers clients an extensive quantitative research suite covering telephone, online, and face-to-face collection. This survey covered 2500 respondents handpicked by UMR to cover age, gender and region in Australia and New Zealand.
Of the survey respondents:
42% were married
27% were single
15% were in a committed relationship and living together
7% were in a committed relationship and not living together
3% were recently divorced or separated