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Source: Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)

Event Cinemas will no longer be part of PPTA’s membership benefit scheme as a result of a focus on provider ethics.

New Zealand’s largest cinema chain will no longer be included in the PPTA membership benefit suite as a result of its treatment of minimum waged workers post Covid-19 lockdown. Consultation with Unite union confirmed definite anti-union policies.

PPTA’s national executive has requested that new protocols be developed after a debate over the ethics of what PPTA should be endorsing as membership benefits.

Working with sister unions

PPTA contacted Event Cinemas after publicity around the organisation’s redundancy practices and treatment of staff following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Advisory officer with responsibility for membership benefits Doug Clark has been working with our sister unions such as E tū and Unite that cover most of the businesses that offer PPTA member discounts to ascertain whether they are ethical practitioners. After discussions with Unite, the union representing Event Cinema workers, it became clear that, on top of questionable redundancy practices, there had been ongoing issues around the provision of anything above the bare minimum wage.

“On the basis of these findings we cannot in good faith support Event Cinemas and offer their discounts to our members,” Doug said.

PPTA wrote to Event Cinemas requesting a letter stating they pay their employees a living wage and have no anti-union policies or practices. There has been no confirmation they can comply so PPTA has stopped offering their services.

Other criteria

Protocols are being developed to ensure that benefit suppliers are ethical in all facets of worker engagements and are aligned with good union principles. Once agreed they will guide executive in approving existing and future benefit suppliers.

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