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What: 10,000 strong petition presentation calling on government to improve sick leave entitlements
When: Tuesday 1 September, 12noon  
Who: Minister of Workplace Relations Hon. Andrew Little will receive the petition from a small contingent of people who work in essential services. All political parties have been invited to attend.
Where: Parliament Forecourt, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
COVID-19 has brought the issue of sick leave into sharp focus. The importance of staying home to save lives has resonated with working New Zealanders. Better minimum sick leave entitlements are essential for the health of all. Changes are urgently needed.
The 5 issues raised in the petition hosted by the Council of Trade Unions. 
1. Extend the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme for the next year, make it easy to access, and cover anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, including those who are waiting to be referred to testing or getting results. 
2. Increase legal minimum paid sick leave from 5 to 10 days over the next year – with support from the government to help small businesses make the change. 
3. Make sick leave available if people need to care for their dependents like their children and their parents. 
4. Remove the 6-month stand down to access sick leave when you start a new job. 
5. Get rid of the previous National Government’s law change that can require a doctor’s certificate after just one day of sick leave.