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Source: Taxpayers Union

Taxpayers’ Union launch campaign against Police’s revenue-grab speed policy 
The Taxpayers’ Union is launching a campaign against the Police’s change in policy that removes any tolerance for speed enforcement fines announced this afternoon.Jordan Williams, the Union’s motoring spokesman, said: “Even road safety advocates are slamming this as ‘petty, vindictive and ineffective’. Let’s call it what is – a nasty revenue grab from motorists.”“Every law abiding motorist using cruise control has crept over the limit on downhill stretches of road. Now there’s going to be Police hidden at the bottom ready to pounce on motorists who pass at 102km/h. It’s nuts.”“This is a major policy change – and the announcement on a Friday afternoon is particularly cynical.”The Union has launched a petition against the policy change at The Government and the Police should stick with the 10km/h speed tolerance so that innocent motorists are not used as cash cows for accidental speed incursions