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Source: University of Canterbury

26 August 2020

In an article on Brainstorm Magazine, Dr Elsamari Botha explores who holds the power in online shopping, what happens when consumer expectations aren’t met and what businesses should be focusing on in the COVID-19 consumer landscape.

  • Dr Elsamari Botha’s research focuses on online consumer behaviour, the digital transformation of business and digital disruption and its associated technologies.

The consumer landscape has changed. Today’s shoppers are empowered, interconnected and there isn’t as much information asymmetry as there was in the past. But with Covid-19, consumers are now facing a retail landscape unlike any they’ve dealt with before. 

“The problem is that you only have one chance to get it right online. Customers don’t forgive bad online purchases.” 

Business reporter Tiana Cline interviews UC’s Dr Elsamari Botha to understand what the digital landscape means for businesses, especially given the impact of Covid-19.

Read the article on Brainstorm, The Business Technology Magazine.