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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – August 24, 2020 – Highly   trusted   higher   education   validation organization ‘’ ranks management schools on the globe for the year 2020. This global ranking features seven categories of note including the overall top school, the top school for theory and practice, the best career service school, the high-rising school, the international executive school, the top school for career progress and salary, and the best with faculty diversity.

Having a strong foundation of past students in leading industries and a reputation among employers and peer institutions, Yale School of Management claims top spot as the overall best school. At second spot and top for theory and practice is the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology while Anderson School of Management at the University of California is regarded as the best career service school.

Discussing this ranking and the schools mentioned, spokesperson Valerie  Audrey  stated  that  the  schools  ranked  top  around  the world have maintained top-quality education throughout  the  years.  Valerie also said that the ranking serves as a reassurance to certain management schools especially those that cultivate institutional brand value, among other traditional strengths. She went on to give the example of Swiss School of Management.

“Swiss School of Management maintained its global ranking overall but broke into the ranks for top five for the first time since the ranking was available a decade ago as a heavy weight based on weighted salary and career progress for its alumni. Its value for money dropped slightly due to its high tuition fees, but the average salary increase of its graduates rose on average 125% to 232%. Alumni have praised the school for excellent personal development and career opportunities.” — Valerie Audrey

Other schools that were top on the specific list as stated above include Essca School of management, Irish Management Institute, Swiss School of Management, and St Petersburg University, Graduate School of Management, which are the highest rising school, the international executive school, the top school for career progress and salary, and the best with faculty diversity respectively. is the trusted source of verification and accrediting higher education and collaboration agreements between two or more higher education institutions. is the de facto standard for higher education institutions who wish to demonstrate their commitment to transparency to education stakeholders.

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