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Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Fire and Emergency are reminding Kiwis to be firewise when they are at work.
A major fire at a Palmerston North industrial business earlier this week highlighted how workshops, car wreckers and scrap yards are particularly prone to the risk of fire.
Over the last three years Fire and Emergency has been called to nearly 240 fires at industrial workplaces caused by workplace activity; such as using gas welding equipment and working with tools that create friction or sparks.
National Community Readiness and Recovery, Steve Turek says “we know these industries are safety conscious, but this is a good time to remind everyone of ways to avoid fire risks while at work.”
He says great care needs to be taken when welding, grinding, working with hot tools and undertaking any work with an open flame.
“After completing work like this, I’d recommend a quick walk around your worksite, to check for any flames and to make sure any tools you are using are cool and away from potentially flammable items – before you walk off.”
“Dropping tools to nip away for lunch can give a spark time to become a small fire. Without monitoring the fire could easily become uncontrollable.”
Fire and Emergency New Zealand recommends workplaces have fire extinguishers at the ready and good evacuation plans.
Most importantly, fire is fast, if you have a fire at your workplace get out of the building and dial 111.