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Source: Auckland Council

Mayor Phil Goff and local board chairs are reminding Aucklanders to stay local and avoid day trips to Waiheke and Aotea / Great Barrier Island.

The Auckland region remains at Alert Level 3 where government guidance urges people to stay local for exercise and recreation.

“All of us have a role to play, and if we don’t do out bit, we let others down. This means not using the weekend as an opportunity to visit other parts of the region, including Waiheke and Aotea / Great Barrier,” says Mayor Goff.

“We need to all keep to our bubbles and our local neighbourhoods, and if we are out for exercise we should stay close to home.”

Waiheke Local Board Chair Cath Handley says Aucklanders should only visit the island if it is essential.

“We want Aucklanders to stay local this weekend and make the most of their own neighbourhoods. Avoid travelling to Waiheke unless it is essential.

“This equally applies to people on Waiheke planning non-essential travel. Stay local.

“Ferry services are operating at a reduced capacity to ensure physical distancing and should only be used by those who need to travel, not those that might want to enjoy Waiheke for the weekend.”

Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board Chair Izzy Fordham agrees, reminding Aucklanders that activities like boating are not permitted under Alert Level 3.

“We are asking people to stay safe, not take any unnecessary risks, and stay in your bubble. If you do not need to travel to Aotea / Great Barrier, please stay home.

“People should stay in their bubbles and choose to make the most of the parks, open spaces or beaches close to home,” she says.

Under Alert Level 3, Auckland boaties are reminded that all recreational water-based activities involving sailing boats, motorised craft or motorised equipment, are not permitted. This includes people wishing to sail into and out of the region.

Scuba diving is also not permitted under Alert Level 3.  Kayaking, canoeing, rowing, surfing, wind surfing and paddle boarding are permitted, however we recommend that the Auckland public undertake these activities within 200 metres from shore and stay local. 

Water-based activities that present a level of risk that could result in the need for search and rescue services, are discouraged.

Playgrounds, skate and bike parks are closed; people must stay off outdoor exercise equipment, away from basketball hoops and off park benches.

You can do low-risk recreation activities in your local area, for example to go for a walk or a run, a swim at the beach or a day walk.