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Source: Taxpayers Union

17 AUGUST 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEResponding to the announcements this afternoon from Finance Minister Grant Robertson regarding the extension of the wage subsidy and construction projects at the University of Auckland, Islay Aitchison, a spokesperson for the Taxpayers’ Union, said:“We have always backed the wage subsidy — it may be expensive, but it’s a necessary form of compensation for Government imposed lockdowns.”“However, the Government’s other economic interventions look increasingly wasteful and poorly-targeted. In the latest case, it’s a $200 million building project for Auckland University.””Women are disproportionately losing their jobs, making up more than 90 percent of job losses in the June quarter. But the Government insists on shoveling money into an industry that overwhelmingly employs men.””Taxpayer money should be spent equitably, but the Government has forgotten this with its make-work schemes for men. We’d much prefer to see funds used on programmes that don’t discriminate on the basis of industry. For example, an increased sick leave allowance would fairly benefit all the men and women who take time off to care for sick kids who may pose a COVID-19 risk.”“The spike in unemployment among women is not helped by yet another blokey building project. Surely this is the Minister for Women’s chance to finally step up and do something?”