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Source: Maritime Union of New Zealand

Union members and fellow workers around New Zealand mourn the loss of a friend, colleague and comrade who died yesterday in Wellington Hospital. 

The 60-year-old man suffered severe head injuries while working at CentrePort on Tuesday 31st January.

MUNZ will support with every means at its disposal the investigations now taking place into how this tragedy occurred.

“Yet another worker has died on the job in New Zealand, and that’s not good enough,” says National Secretary Joe Fleetwood.

“Nobody should lose their life while trying to earn a living.”

His comments were seconded by Assistant Wellington Branch Secretary John Whiting.

“The waterfront industry by its very nature is a high hazard workplace,” says Mr Whiting.

“Safe work practices must be rigorously implemented and enforced, both by management and by organized workers ourselves. Otherwise the worst can happen.”

All Maritime Union members express their deepest sympathy to our late member’s family and loved ones.