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HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – Aug 07, 2020 – T​he potential of Blockchain technology reaches across multiple industries. This 4.0 digital mechanism could be the answer for many stubborn social problems, especially when the world is facing a once-in-a-century health crisis — Covid-19 and is demanding urgent resolutions. This strange, yet promising, Blockchain corporation – Lina Network believes, it’s about time for them to take the next significant step on the development journey right in the middle of chaos and crisis. Perhaps, changes are necessary to adapt to the ‘new normal’ which is slowly seizing the world system. The firm officially transformed their brand identity ​”to become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.” The new look is clean, neat and delivers the essence of contemporary technology in the digital age just right.

The face of digital transformation
Lina Network new logo design includes 3 dots, those are connected tightly and presented for 3 elements: ​Human​, ​Technology​, ​Solution​. Via this logo, Lina Network emphasizes the important role of technology in connecting humans (individuals, organizations, partners) to provide the prime solutions for existing obstacles in the economy and society. The new identity illustrates the mission Lina Network is attempting to achieve.

Founded in Switzerland, based in Vietnam, the Blockchain corporation- Lina Network established a new brand identity in the middle of the Covid pandemic and global chaos.
Go further than just agriculture
It was the starting point of Lina Network, founded from the desire to apply 4.0 technology in addressing the supply chain shortcomings in Vietnam’s agriculture. During the first two years of operation, they have constantly educated farmers and firms across the country on new definitions in agrotechnology and prepared them with digital applications for the agribusiness.

Young but experienced, this Swiss-funded ICO corporation decided to sail beyond the horizon, for agriculture is the point of departure and not the limit. The spokesperson strongly affirmed: “The mission that Lina Network yearns to perform will not stop at agriculture. Our projects are executed in many fields, from reviews, healthcare, e-commerce, e-government to digital assets. Since our business orientation and inner values have changed, the brand identity, thereby, transformed correspondingly in order to strengthen the brand image and to ensure consistency in conveying our values message. Lina Network’s ultimate goal is to become a leading technology corporation in Viet Nam. ​The birth of our new identity is a succinct affirmation of the mission we wish to fulfill: ‘​To become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.’”
The first corporation​​to ever launch Blockchain-based products and services in 5 different fields

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of the 4.0 era. The corporation culture is imbued with the breath of modern technology, from the business orientation depicted through the brand identity and content, to the deployment of science and automation in product development to solve economic and social problems. Lina Network is currently offering 5 Blockchain-based products and services across 5 different industries:
●      Lina Review​–  a transparent review platform
●      Lina FarmTrust​– an agriculture traceability platform
●      Lina MarketTrust​– an e-commerce platform for agricultural sectors
●      Lina eGovernment​– a digital identity developer for governments

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