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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Smokefree Environments (Vaping) Amendment Bill passed into law last night will help keep people smoking cigarettes, and caves into big tobacco interests, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union. Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “The vaping regulations rushed through under urgency are an absolute boon for the tobacco industry. Decreasing the availability of appealing alternatives to cigarettes will keep disproportionately poor New Zealanders on the durries, paying a massive price in excise tax and devastating health outcomes.” The Bill bans “non-specialist” retailers (i.e. convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations) from selling flavoured vaping liquid aside from menthol, mint, and tobacco. “The range of appealing flavours is one of the key attractors for smokers transitioning off cigarettes. When someone walks into a convenience store and is denied access to flavoured vape liquid, but can still buy their favourite cigarette brand, they’re at risk of falling off the wagon.” “And a complete ban on advertising for vaping products will prevent these brands from appealing to smokers to make the switch.” “Minister Salesa is clearly in the pocket of big tobacco to ban flavoured vapes from the very places most smokers buy their durries.”