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Source: Environmental Protection Authority

HEPA is an informal alliance of 11 environmental regulation authorities including all Australian State and Territory environment regulators, and the Australian Government and New Zealand EPAs. It aims to identify opportunities and priorities for improved approaches to consistent or harmonised regulation.

Ms Hardaker has been our representative on HEPA since becoming the EPA’s chairperson two years ago. She chaired her first HEPA meeting last month (July 2020). 

“I feel very honoured to chair this unique and collaborative organisation. As environmental regulators we all share a common goal of providing greater protection of our unique environments and improving the health and long-term prosperity of each of our countries. This is what drives the work of HEPA. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can make a greater, collective difference.

“A good example of HEPA collaboration is in the area of fire-fighting foam containing PFAS chemicals. The Australian EPAs’ research and response has been really useful for helping us develop our own response here in New Zealand. We also regularly keep abreast of the different climate change initiatives each EPA is working on.

“I look forward to building on the great work the organisation has been doing.”

Ms Hardaker will be the Chair of HEPA for a three year term.