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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport is committed to removing inequality in our workplace.

Our overarching vision is to create a working environment that is free from gender based inequalities and enables employees to achieve their careers aspirations free from gender bias.

Together, with a working group including human resources, the Public Service Association, employees and managers, we’ve created a Gender Pay Analysis and Action Plan for 2020.

Gender Pay Analysis & Action Plan 2020 [PDF, 303 KB]

The Plan reviews the progress made in 2019 and sets out the actions we will take in 2020 to help achieve our key objective ‘To remove all unjustified gender-based pay gaps and gender-based inequalities’.

We’ve structured our Action Plan around four outcomes:

  • We will have balanced gender representation in our leaders.
  • We will ensure flexible working arrangements are our default.
  • We will eliminate unconscious bias.
  • We will eliminate bias and discrimination in recruitment systems of HR practices.

These outcomes align with the Government’s Eliminating the Public Service Gender Pay Gap 2018-2020 Action Plan on the State Services Commission website.

The Gender Pay Gap and Pay Equity(external link)