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Source: Save The Children

Young people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region want to be active and influential members of a society that rarely includes them. 83 million adolescents live in MENA. Together with the MENA’s older cohort of youth, they constitute a large and diverse demographic of young people making MENA one of the most youthful populations in the world. Around 35 per cent of the population is between 10 and 24 years old, and 60 per cent is below the age of 30. The numbers of adolescents and youth in MENA are projected to reach 152 million in 2030 and 158 million in 2050. Young people in MENA are standing at the crossroads of major changes in their countries. Supporting young people, especially the most marginalized, is vital. Legal frameworks, institutions and policies, as well as the wider society, have to adjust in order to give young people a greater voice in shaping better policy outcomes and society at large. We can look at young people as a challenge, a burden or a threat or we can look at them as an asset, unlocked potential and opportunities for growth and prosperity. This 4-year long program (2018-2021) funded by DANIDA recognizes young people’s agency and committed to support them by removing the systematic barriers to their meaningful participation.
Save the Children is looking for an expert consultant to conduct a reflection exercise to the programme’s progress towards its goals and outcomes and to look critically at its approaches and intervention models.
Through this regional programme, Save the Children is committed to reaching out to the most marginalized groups of young people and to partner with the hard to reach in order to amplify their voices, to protect and support their participation in influencing key policies that affect their lives.
The overall Objective of the programme is that young People are listened to and have equitable choices in a protective environment realized through strengthened civil society actors and regional platforms
The programme is regional and is currently operating in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen through partnership with youth – led and youth focused partners and in coordination with Save the Children’s Country Offices. There are potential plans for expansion to Egypt and Jordan. 

After more than 2 years of implementation, SC wants to critically review programme assumptions, used approaches, principles, relevance and intended outcomes, and assess where are we and examine thoughtfully how did we get there from the perspective of young people and the different stakeholders.
This mid-term reflection and learning exercise has the following two key objectives:
1. Assess progress of the programme towards its overall goal and principles
2. Capture and reflect on lessons learned to date from the programme’s intervention.

In addition, the exercise intends to: Review existing logframe and make recommendations for any adjusted milestones and indicators, including a more in depth review of outcome 3 with specific recommendations for adjustments.





Opening date: 21 July 2020

Closing date: 8 August 2020