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Source: Taxpayers Union

 Jordan Williams responds to Winston Peters claims
This is classic Winston, lashing out incoherently in an effort to distract the media and public from his own screw-ups.He doesn’t want New Zealanders to read today’s news about how he gave his mates free trips to Antarctica on the taxpayer. He doesn’t want New Zealanders to remember how he overdrew his superannuation or how taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for his million dollar court case. He certainly doesn’t want New Zealanders to remember how his party illegally spent $158,000 in taxpayer money on election advertising and never paid it back.Winston’s claim that I was somehow involved in the leak of his superannuation scandal is, sadly, pure fantasy. I was not involved in any way.I think this shows that the Taxpayers’ Union is being effective in holding politicians to account, if they blame us even when we’re not involved!