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Source: Auckland Council

Waihekeans have a proud history of being an active voice for their island. This community voice is captured in the previously adopted Essentially Waiheke document which provides a strategic framework for the development of the island. 

The key principles of Essentially Waiheke have been woven throughout the draft Waiheke Local Board Plan and the draft Waiheke Area Plan, both of which are currently open for public feedback, says Waiheke Local Board Chair Cath Handley. 

“Waiheke must develop in a sustainable and liveable manner that is in line with the essential character of the island. We must ensure we are resilient, that we respond effectively to climate change and that both our remarkable natural environment and our communities thrive.

“We also need to acknowledge that we’re living in unprecedented times and that we need to carve out a new normal going forward.

“In response to all of this, we’ve included a new concept in our draft Local Board Plan which we think is fit for the times; that of Waiheke as a sanctuary in the Hauraki Gulf. 

“The concept was formed from themes that arose during the first phase of our Local Board Plan community consultation earlier this year, much of which aligned with feedback from the Essentially Waiheke refresh in 2016.

“It also responds to the impact that COVID-19 has since had on us, the obvious negatives as well as the positive aspects, like a slower pace of life and an enhanced natural environment.

“Waiheke as a sanctuary in the Hauraki Gulf envisions our community working together to achieve shared goals that protect and enhance our natural environment, our rich cultural history, the essential character of the island and much more.

“We’re asking Waihekeans to give us feedback on this new concept and on the rest of our draft Local Board Plan to make sure we’re on the right track.”

“It’s vital that we hear from residents because this plan will guide our work on the island over the next three years. Have we got it right?”

Have your say

You can have your say on the Waiheke Local Board’s draft Local Board Plan at:

Feedback closes on Thursday 13 August 2020.