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Source: Taxpayers Union

500% increase in waste levy will see more cash for councils and more waste in rivers
With the Prime Minister’s “no new taxes” pledge long gone, the Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the National Party to commit to scrapping the 500% increase to the Government’s waste levy if elected to Government.
Reacting to the Government’s announcement, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager Louis Houlbrooke said:
“Like higher fuel taxes and road user charges, the higher rubbish tax will eat directly into family budgets, through more expensive rubbish bags, higher rates, fees at the landfill, and costs passed on by businesses.”
“This tax hike — about $120 per year per household — will hit even harder for larger families who produce more waste and tend to be poorer. It will see even more rubbish end up at river sides and illegal dumps.””The only real winners are councils, who will collect this money at the expense of their residents.”
“The National Party are right to condemn this tax hike, but they need to go the extra step and commit to scrapping it if elected.”