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Source: Taxpayers Union

Pay back the money, Rio Tinto
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is calling on multinational mining corporation Rio Tinto to return the $30 million bailout it received from taxpayers in 2013, which was apparently to “future proof” the New Zealand operation. Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “Under the previous Government, Rio Tinto took a $30 million bailout from taxpayers, on the understanding it would continue to operate and provide jobs. Now that the company has decided to shut up shop anyway, taxpayers want their money back.” “Globally, Rio Tinto brings in more than $40 billion in revenue each year. Paying back the money taken from Kiwi taxpayers would cost them less than 0.1% of that.” “Our politicians need to be sending the same message. We risk becoming seen as a soft touch by foreign corporations who think they can ‘take the money and run’.” “If they won’t pay it back, at least do the right thing and apologise for taking the money and running.”