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Source: Taxpayers Union

Government sells taxpayers down the river
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is sceptical that 61% of taxpayer funding for waterway clean-up just happens to be focused on the Northland electorate.Union spokesperson Louis Houlbrooke says: “The Government has announced that $162 million of taxpayers’ money will be spent on cleaning our waterways. There are 23 projects, but one will receive $100 million, 61% of the total allocation. It is also the only project set to run more than one year.”“The Kaipara Moana Remediation programme is predicted to create 1,094 jobs over the six-year life of the project surrounding the Kaipara Harbour, most of which sits within the key electorate of Northland. On current polling, New Zealand First needs to win the Northland electorate to return to Parliament.”“Minister Shane Jones has proved himself to be a unashamed taxpayer money magnet. He has poured Provincial Growth Slush Fund cash into the electorate, earlier this week got more money for buses in Northland, and now the lion’s share of the waterway spending. The dollar-for-dollar value delivered back to taxpayers does not seem to be a concern for a Government which is focused on the electoral politics.”