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Source: SAFE NZ

Colorado’s cage ban will free six million hens from a lifetime of confinement in cages. The State’s Governor signed the bill into law yesterday. Colorado joins Washington, Oregon, Michigan and California as the fifth state in the United States to ban cages.
SAFE Corporate Campaigns Coordinator Jessica Chambers said New Zealand’s political leaders need to follow suit.
“Colorado has nearly double the number of hens that New Zealand has. If they can ban cages then we can too.”
There are an estimated 3,941,000 hens used for egg laying in New Zealand, of which, approximately 2,735,000 spend their lifetime in cages so small, they cannot stretch their wings.
The Labour and Green parties have previously committed to banning the caging of hens. “We want all parties to commit to this goal by this year’s election,” says Chambers. “Hens deserve a life worth living.”
Battery cages will be illegal in New Zealand from 2023. Colony cages will remain legal despite three-quarters of Kiwis wanting to see hens freed from cages.