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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Auckland Police are increasing its presence in the central city after a disappointing level of assaults and disorders in the last two weekends.

Superintendent Karyn Malthus, Auckland City District Commander, says Police have noticed an increase in these incidents on Friday and Saturday nights since restrictions lifted on bars and nightclubs.

“We are observing that a large number of these incidents we are attending on these nights are fuelled by excessive alcohol consumption.”

In one incident on Fort Street last weekend, Police were called to a disorder incident in which a person was allegedly knocked unconscious and multiple fights broke out.

“Police officers called in to assist were met with verbal abuse and had alcohol bottles thrown at them while they were trying to provide assistance,” says Superintendent Malthus.

“One officer suffered minor cuts after a bottle shattered against a nearby Police vehicle.

“Police were trying to disperse those fighting and clear an area so that person could receive medical assistance.”

Superintendent Malthus says in many cases the behaviour displayed has been totally unacceptable and treatment of the attending Police staff – who are there to keep the public safe – was not ok.

A number of arrests have been made in relation to various assaults and other incidents in the CBD area across both weekends.

Some victims in these cases suffered serious injuries and will have to recover from their injuries.

“In some cases it is very fortunate that Police were not dealing with fatalities here,” says Superintendent Malthus.

Police will now be increasing its presence to ensure the safety of those coming into the city for nightlife over the coming weekends.

“Police have been working with our partners, including city bar owners, to look at how processes can be improved to move people out of venues efficiently come closing time,” says Superintendent Malthus.

“Let’s turn things around, Auckland. Police want you to have a fun night out, but the most important thing is that everybody is safe and you look after each other.”

An easy guide to a safe night out:

* Have a plan to get home safely – whether that’s a sober driver or money for a taxi.
* Stick with your group and stay connected with your friends.
* Leave your alcohol at home – there’s a liquor ban in place across the city and that includes consuming alcohol inside your vehicle. Doing so can incur a $250 fine.
* Finished at the bar for the night? It’s probably time to go home, don’t hang around the city after leaving the bar or nightclub.

Police have released a video on this subject, available on the Auckland City District Police Facebook page.

Jarred Williamson/NZ Police