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Source: Taxpayers Union

If MPs were being truthful about wanting quick pay cuts as the PM promised, they wouldn’t have given the discretion to career politician Fran Wilde, who chairs the Remuneration Authority, says the New Zealand Taxpayers Union.“Instead of just passing a law making it clear that people can turn down a proportion of their remuneration entitlement, Parliament jacked it up so they have to ask for permission from former MP, Mayor, and Regional Council Chair, to take a pay cut,” says Jordan Williams, a spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Union.“Dame Fran’s never been on the side of ratepayers or taxpayers. In fact, she’s actually turned down the West Coast councillors despite them asking to have their pay reduced. What a ridiculous situation.”“The solution is simple. Allow government employees the same rights as anyone else – the ability to tell HR not to pay them as much.”“If only the Prime Minister put as much time into solving the problem as she did explaining to media her ‘frustration’ about actions not matching her words.”