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Source: Auckland Council

Border Line is a set of works that depict the perimeter areas of Silverdale’s new suburb called Millwater.

The perimeter I walked and recorded runs up from Silverdale’s marae and loops back on itself to form an enclosure.

A border, by definition, keeps out as much as it can keep in.

This is poetic given the strict borders New Zealand now as a whole wants to enforce.

The exhibited works capture that terrain where the urban and industrial developments meet the rural. Millwater, where I have lived for a year, epitomizes the changes in our culture and land and the enormous population growth of the last decade in New Zealand.

Uniformly framed behind cheap Warehouse presentation frames, the collective result in the exhibition reads like fragments of Biblical text on the metaphysical and eternal.

In my landscapes, I express my visual conviction in New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage and future.

I was inspired seeing the hand written Biblical texts of the prophet Te Kooti, a Maori prophet and war lord who once lived in New Zealand, so have taken to writing fragments of scripture below my landscapes.