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Source: Taxpayers Union

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is shocked that, when informed of her CEO’s $4251 farewell morning tea, Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise responded by complaining she didn’t receive an invitation rather than questioning the spending.Taxpayers’ Union spokesperson Jordan Williams says, “There’s a lot of ego at Napier City Council ⁠— a Mayor who’d rather whine she missed out on a cheese scone than hold her officials accountable for outrageous spending, and a chief executive who assumes 660 staff members would want to attend his farewell.” “That’s why we’re seeing blow-outs like this. Ratepayers will also be wondering whether it’s really necessary to have 660 council bureaucrats on payroll.””If no one was willing to buy Chief Executive Wayne Jack a beer and pat him on the back on his way out ⁠— or if he really needed everyone to acknowledge his departure ⁠— surely he could have paid for the party out of his $1,000,000 golden handshake bribe.””That exit package is the real scandal here. Ratepayers shouldn’t be forced to reward poor performance with a seven-figure sum and a greenstone club.”“Although, it is incredible the mayor didn’t receive an invite after agreeing to the secret payment and misleading ratepayers about it. She covered for him and didn’t even get a ratepayer-funded sausage roll.”