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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health

The current state assessment of DHB assets is the first consistent nationwide report on the condition and clinical fitness for purpose of DHB facilities and buildings, with a focus on main hospital campuses and acute care facilities. 

The findings are not unexpected given the accumulated under-investment in this area. Over the next decade, DHB infrastructure is expected to require $14 billion in funding. 

To date, the Government has invested a record $3.5 billion into DHB capital projects.


What is the NAMP?

The Ministry’s National Asset Management Programme (NAMP) is part of a government-wide focus to improve capital funding decisions, capital investment plans and asset management, and to ensure investments deliver the best value for New Zealanders.

Why is this work important?

The current state assessment provides a good foundation for understanding the pressure points.

The NAMP, along with other work programmes in the Ministry’s Health Infrastructure Unit, will enable the Government to make more informed investment decisions.

It’s important future investment decisions are well informed for at least 10 years ahead so that funding is directed to where it will be most effective. 

What’s being done to address issues raised in the report?

The Ministry is working with DHBs, who are responsible for maintaining and renewing their assets, to address issues raised in the report. 

This includes reviewing DHB asset management plans and following up on remediation issues identified in the report, raising issues in DHB performance and monitoring conversations, and developing an asset risk, assurance and monitoring framework. 

What happens next?

The Health Infrastructure Unit is working on a prioritised work programme to improve infrastructure delivery and asset management in the sector, building on the work to date. 

This will involve developing a national framework to improve asset management, including national service design and facility standards, maintenance and renewal strategies, capital planning guidance and more focus on equity and sustainability in asset management.

Over time, the NAMP and other work programmes in the Ministry’s Health Infrastructure Unit, will support the development of a long term investment strategy which will better inform decisions. The NAMP will deliver a National Asset Management Plan by 2022.