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Source: Greenpeace New Zealand

We are in solidarity with those demanding justice in Minneapolis and around the US.

Fighting for a green and peaceful future includes speaking out against the unjust, racist, and systemic violence facing Black people, especially when it’s at the hands of the police.

It is impossible not to be outraged by the shocking regularity with which people of colour are being killed by police in the US.

I don’t always have the words, but being silent is not an option.

We join the demand for justice and action to confront racism, police violence and inequality in the US, in Aotearoa and all over the world.

As an organisation and as individuals, we at Greenpeace Aotearoa NZ are committed to dismantling structural racism, creating a community of allies and empowering people of colour and indigenous communities. We speak out because racism is wrong, and because we believe environmental and racial justice are inextricably linked.

And we defend the right to peaceful protest.

Peaceful protest is a strategy to demand justice. To demand rights and equal treatment, and to bring about positive change. Protest is often one of the only ways for people on the margins to demand change and accountability. 

It is essential in a healthy democracy, and must not be criminalised.