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Source: Amnesty International NZ

Within everyone is the power of humanity.  

As we navigate a path to the other side of COVID-19, there has been an outpouring of kindness. People have shown a tremendous capacity to care for each other. This is more than just a flurry of nice gestures – it’s the mutual respect and selflessness that makes up the foundation of the society we all want. One where everyone is valued and all of our rights are strengthened.  

Yes, there have also been moves in the opposite direction. That’s why the work of Amnesty International’s eight-million strong global movement is more important than ever.  

From Xinjiang and Iran to right here in New Zealand – human rights are at risk. It’s not just someone else, somewhere else – this is about all of us, here and now. 

This is the time you can make a difference far beyond your bubble, for those who need it now – and for all of us in the future.

Will you join us with a regular monthly donation of $10? Your support for Amnesty International at this crucial time will enable us to continue the research, campaigning and advocacy you count on us for.